Threat Scanning is the practice of reporting on and documenting actions performed on potential findings and vulnerabilities of your clients’ website and firewall. The purpose is to preemptively identify known vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Threat Scanning provides monthly alerts, to your customers, of potential website and firewall vulnerabilities. Websites and firewalls are publicly facing entryways to sensitive customer data. As a result, they are a targets for hackers.

Failure to scan these access points puts businesses at increased risk of a potential data breach. Should such a breach occur, companies may face fines, penalties, and loss of customer confidence.


When you become a TTAPRIVACY Channel Partner, you’ll provide a threat scanning solution that enables your clients to stay in front of cybercriminals.

Our multilayered approach incorporates industry best practices at every stage of monitoring.

Frequent Scanning

Detailed Prioritized Findings

Potential Risks

Common Vulnerabilities


Any open doorway into a network becomes the constant target of cyber attacks from bad actors trying to access company and customer information.

Businesses need to create internal networks with at least one open door to traffic going in and out, but often multiple doors are unknowingly left open and unprotected. These doors, called ports, do not need to remain open. Ports that do need to stay open need to be closed or protected with authentication and/or monitored to protect the data that is being transferred back and forth.

Automatically, every month your clients firewalls are scanned looking for known vulnerabilities. This allows them to take swift action to remediate exposure and mitigate a compromise in sensitive data, before it’s too late.