TTAPRIVACY, partnered with CRS, has a substantial consulting practice providing services to global 500 corporations, governmental entities and non-profits, helping them to comply with laws and regulations in the field of personally identifiable information (“PII”).

Our services are actively used throughout North America, Europe and APAC, and TTAPRIVACY’s cyber-privacy software platform is used by entities throughout the world to ensure compliance with PII laws and regulations.


PRIVACY & SECURITY are 2 sides to the same coin

TTA PRIVACY.CLUB can help with both.


Governing how data is collected, shared and used.


Protecting data from internal and external hackers.


Data Breach Support

Our Data Breach Support streamlines the complex regulatory reporting process. Our CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professionals) guide your client through the process.
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Privacy Assessment

The SMB market continues to suffer without affordable privacy risk assessment tools. We fulfill that need in a self-paced manner simultaneously documenting the review process.
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Threat Scanning

Threat Scanning is the practice of reporting on and documenting actions performed on potential findings and vulnerabilities of your clients’ website and firewall.
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Logging & Documentation

Regulators require proof of compliance to ensure personal information is secure. Our automatic logging and documentation take the hard work out of proof of practices.
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DSAR Management

DSARs give data subjects the ability to ask businesses what information they have on them. Companies should respond to DSAR privacy regulations associated to the data subject.
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Vendor Risk Management

We offer an automated process with ongoing documentation and proof that proves your clients have audited and verified the privacy practices of their vendors.
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Use our interactive map to access the privacy laws of all 50 states in the U.S.

We also list all applicable Canadian privacy laws.

Privacy laws in Canada are a mixture of federal laws and provincial laws and are based on the 10 principles of fair information practice.